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Very professional was able to lower my fine dramatically" | "This lawyer made me feel calm in court by the way he handled my case" | "He was on-point with his argument and knew what he was doing" | "His confidence in court was amazing" | "Amazing lawyer" | "In the end, he dismissed all charges" | "Powerful defense lawyer" | "I was nervous coming in to court but he handled it right away and dismissed my tickets" | "Lawyer was quick and got the job done" | "No points and fine is minimal because of this lawyer" | "He dismissed the ticket and I’m free" | "I recommend him for your case" | "I will always use his legal services" | "Helped dismiss my tickets" | "I highly recommend Christian as your lawyer" | "This lawyer is a good lawyer" | "He is excellent" | "I was about to be fined with 2 traffic points but Chritian came to the courts and helped dismiss all tickets" | "Got my ticket dismissed" | "My lawyer was very helpful in explaining my rights along with regards to my case" | "He is excellent in terms of handling lawsuits! Highly recommend him" | “He dismissed a cell phone ticket” | "Awesome lawyer" | "He dismissed my municipal case in court" | "Nice Lawyer" | "dismiss my case, i Guarantee this lawyer i highly recommend him for helping me" | "He saved my driver license and trust I was on the verge of losing it and he did an unbelivable job" | "Nobody comes close to him as an attorney" | "Best lawyer in town" | "I had a case I was struggled with. And I hired him he dismissed the case" | "He is a great lawyer" | "Walked into court with greatest confidence ever and did miracles by dismissing 3 of my cases instantly and for that I’m so happy and grateful" | "He saved me from going jail" | "Very straightforward and shows results" | "He dismissed my cases" | "With his help, I can retain my driving job" | "Great lawyer dismiss my case" | "Thank you lawyer Christian" | "I recommend him for all your traffic cases" | "Very Good Lawyer" | "I was very angry with the tickets but he came dismissed all of them and so I’m very happy" | "I highly recommend him to anyone who needs any representation in court" | "Christian all I wanna say is THANK YOU!" | “He dismissed my traffic ticket” | "I strongly recommend anybody looking for a excellent lawyer that cares about his clients he’s the one" | "He was very friendly and I would 10/10 recommend his service to anybody that asked" | "Great service" | "Dismissed my serious tickets to no points and a minimal fine" | "Perfect Lawyer" | “Was able to dismiss 17 points down to four points” | "He dismissed my tickets and very professional" | "He was very helpful and got everything done the way he said he would" | "We had him as our lawyer. He was supportive, patient and confident for defending our case" | “He dismissed my citation in court and all points are dropped” | "This lawyer is a terrific well respected gentleman" | "He saved my Commercial Driver's License" | "He is great in argument in the court" | "Lawyer came to court and dismissed all charges" | "I highly recommend his services and would continue to use his services if needed" | “Saved my license from being suspended for leaving the scene of an accident, and dismissed other tickets” | "Got me a good deal" | "If you need a great lawyer, hire this one" | "Help me out avoiding jail time" | "He got my license back down to 0 points" | "He was persuasive and was able to convince the judge not to send me to jail" | "Very helpful and understanding, pleasant to work with" | “He is the best lawyer for the job” | "Christian was a great help" | "He never gives up" | "He saved me from going to jail" | "I highly recommend his services" | "Christian is a great lawyer and knows what he is doing" | "Experienced and knowledgeable" | "Very prompt and quick to help me. Got my case dismissed" | "Overall very pleased!" | "Would continue to use his services" | "He did phenomenal" | "Trust Mr. Nwaopara!" | “Professional and competent attorney” | “Above and beyond” | "Represented me well, got one fine reduced and the other dismissed" | "The judge reconsidered only because Christian stood his ground" | “Excellent Attorney” | "Very friendly and kind" | "Christian helped me with a traffic violation ticket that placed an unfair amount of points on my license" | "I would like to thank him for helping me out and making me feel less nervous in court" | "Christian is a very positive and confident guy with his work" | "Best attorney" | "Got the job done" | "He is a great defense lawyer" | “Christian was thorough and very attentive” | “Very professional easy to work with” | "Christian got me a favorable outcome compared to what the judge insisted on giving me" | "I think I got more than I paid for. Thanks again great job!" | "Not only was he very friendly, he was extremely down to earth and made sure I understood everything!!!" | "He even made the Judge to put it on the record that no one else would be able to sue me on the same charge in the future" | “I’m incredibly satisfied by his professionalism and knowledge” | “Exceeded my expectations” | "He handled my case in a very professional manner!" | "Court went smoothly. Would definitely hire him again" | "Powerful lawyer" | "I have an abundant amount of respect for Mr. Nwaopara!" | "It was a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Nwaopara. " | "Definitely worth the price!" | "Got my case dismissed! 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He is amazingly good" | "I will always use his legal services" | “Highly recommend his legal services” | “Absolutely the best” | “Excellent service quick and reliable” | “Highly recommend for any traffic ticket violation representation”
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