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Fight Tickets

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WHY PEOPLE HIRE US: Monday to Friday, we fight all kinds of traffic, CDL, accident or DUI tickets, negotiating with prosecutors all over NJ to dismiss or amend tickets to ZERO point, or face us at trial.

  Delivering over 99% success rate each time, our clients consistently rate us 5-stars for the super legal defense work we do for them.
  The best thing is that you get to stay home or go to work while we handle court/fight for you.
  Traffic ticket defense/DUI is what we do. We are very experienced, reliable and affordable.
  We understand the technicalities for achieving the best results in every NJ Court.

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Fight Tickets & Stop Insurance Hikes




Improper turn

Failure to yield

Failure to stop

Insurance Hike

Up to 79%

Up to 29%

Up to 20%

Up to 20%

Up to 19%


Hwy Racing



No license

No insurance


Insurance Hike

Up to 71%

Up to 16%

Up to 23%

Up to 12%

Up to 10%

Up to 3%

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We represent clients in all NJ Courts. Say the court and we're there.

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