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Our law firm handles both immigrant and nonimmigrant visa cases, citizenship or deportation defense for our clients. We are really good at what we do. We can help you if:

❶   You are already in the U.S and want to adjust status, or you are currently in a foreign country and you want to visit the U.S to study, work, or you are seeking any other non-immigrant visa to enter the U.S for a temporary purpose. ❷  Or, a business or an investor trying to expand or gain the American presence. ❸  If you are applying for green card or want to remove the conditions on your green card, or seeking refugee status, or you want to become a U.S citizen. ❹  Facing removal or deportation?


Nonimmigrant Visas


Under U.S immigration law, any person coming to the U.S for a temporary stay (non-permanent stay), must obtain a non-immigrant visa. Read More

Removal & Deportation


When you are removed or deported from the U.S, you may be prohibited from re-entering the U.S for many years. So, it is important to fight it. Read More

Immigrant Visas


An immigrant visa allows the holder to permanently reside and work in the U.S. There are several ways to become a lawful permanent resident. Read More

Citizenship & U.S Passport


A person who is not born in the U.S is a non-citizen with some exceptions. For a non-citizen to become a U.S citizen, he/she must be naturalized. Read More


❶  Our law firm will work very hard to get the results you deserve. The firm prides itself in handling your case in a more personal manner. Yes - we give it a personal touch as if it is our own problem.

❷  We are a small law firm but we are mighty in the results we can achieve. Unlike big law firms, we are easily accessible, very reliable, and very affordable.

❸  We are an immigrant law firm, so we seriously understand your situation.

❶  Do you want to visit the U.S for a temporary stay? Are you [a company or an investor] trying to gain the American presence or are you seeking any other non-immigrant visa, maybe to study or work? Learn
❷  Or if you are already in the U.S and trying to adjust your status, seeking refugee status or want to live in the U.S permanently...Learn
❸  If you are a U.S citizenship and want to bring a relative to the U.S... Learn
❹  Or maybe you are facing removal or deportation – we can assist you... Learn

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